Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of motor cycle club is Panorama?
Panorama Motor Cycle club Inc. is based in Bathurst and conducts mainly dirt bike competition events for all ages. It also has road bike riders who organise themselves in the PMCC “Vintage and Veteran” section. PMCC is affiliated with Motorcycling NSW and adheres to the Motorcyling Australia manual of Motorcycle Sport.
I want to know how to get started in motorcycle sport?
There is lots of information at the Motorcycling NSW web site and for Bathurst MX specific info click here for how to get started with the PMCC.
Can I enter on the day for a club race day?

No, All events will be pre entry only via the ridernet system. (licence required)

How do I find the Panorama MX track?

Drive to the top of the Mount Panorama road race track and enter the McPhillamy Park gates, then turn through the gates immediately to your left. A map can be found here.

Why does my race license cost so much more than my road license?
The race license includes insurance that is similar to the “Green slip” charges for road use.

Insurance brochure July 2017

When is the next race on?
Check the calendar which can accessed from the main page for the discipline you are interested in.
What is GTMX or Grass Track Motocross?
It is another term for natural terrain MX. A MX track with no man made features such as jumps or berms.
Is there a minimum age for flag marshalls or other officials?
Yes, you need to be at least 16.
Can Mum or Dad get involved as well?

YES PLEASE! PMCC relies on family and friends to help organise and officiate all our events. there is something for everyone! From flaggies to scoring, canteen to prep work, every minute adds together. 

Don’t be backward in coming forward.

….. and Mum and Dad can always ride too ….


Can kids help?

Absolutely! in fact, its encouraged! Working together with other riders and their families helps build friendships and life skills. Kids can help with anything from basic track prep at working bees, to being ambassadors for the club by telling their friends of their fun race meets. Of course as junior riders, their feedback on anything to do with the events or track are highly valued by the club!

How much do club workers/helpers/officers/volunteers make?
All volunteers from the president down normally get $0.00 per hour and double that on weekends. They also pay for membership and to race just like everyone else. The only exception is for life members, they don’t pay for annual membership.
I am over 16 now and paying for single membership, can mum and dad still join as a family?

Yes, family membership is available, please contact the club secretary for further info.

There is also a non riding membership at reduced cost.

What are GCR's?

Stands for General Competition Rules as in the Manual of Motorcycle sport.

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