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Panorama Motorcycle Club Inc.
PO Box 652
Bathurst NSW 2795


President: Andy Shumack

First Vice President: Wade Carter

Second Vice President: Matthew Siskovic

Secretary: Angela Beard

Treasurer: Locky Campbell




MNSW Delegates – Andy Shumack and Angela Beard

(MNSW) delegate is an individual who represents the interests of motorcycle riders and their associated club in the state of New South Wales, Australia. They advocate for the rights and safety of motorcyclists, act as a liaison between riders and governing bodies, engage in policy development and advocacy efforts, communicate with the motorcycling community, and work towards improving motorcycle safety and education.

Janet McGrath – Race Secretary

Amanda Campbell – Publicity Officer

Amber Marks – Grants Officer

Nicole Cooper – Canteen Coordinator

Cameron Beard – General Committee



Life Members

John Osborne, Kevin McDonald, Ray Roughley, Marion Burrow, Glen McDonald, Bruce Morgan,

Warren Simpson, Reg Rendall, Rob Smith, Greg Donald, Anne Brown, Peter Brown, Mark Fitzsimons, Ted Burrows & Ross Nairne.

You ARE invited to turn up for track prep. (Free exercise, meet people, be involved!)

Mt Panorama MX track preparation usually Saturday morning before race up to 12 midday only.

Memberships can be applied for online through Ridernet.

You are invited to attend monthly general meetings, second Tuesday of each month at 6PM for location check socials during week prior

All welcome, find out information or have your say, see you there.

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