Class Rider Age Eligible Machines
Nippers 4 – u9 50cc Demo Class
50cc Auto 7 – u9 50cc Auto Class
65cc 7 – u10 65cc Solo
65cc 10 – u12 65cc Solo
85cc 9 -u12 85cc 2-stroke
150cc 4-stroke (standard wheel only)
85cc 12 – u14 85cc solo 2-stroke & 150cc 4-stroke (standard or big wheel)
85cc 14 – u16 85cc 2st & 150 4st
Jnr 125cc 13 – 15 100 – 150cc 2-stroke
Jnr 250cc 13 -15 122cc – 150cc 2-stroke
& 200 – 250cc 4-Stroke
Snr Lites A grade 16 & over 100 – 150cc 2-stroke
& 200 – 250cc 4-Stroke
Snr Lites B grade 16 & over 100 – 150cc 2-stroke
& 200 – 250cc 4-Stroke
Senior Open A grade 16 & over 165 – 500cc 2-stroke
255 – 650cc 4-Stroke
Senior Open B grade 16 & over 165 – 500cc 2-stroke
255 – 650cc 4-Stroke
Senior Women’s 16 & over 125cc minimum
Over 35’s 35 & over 125cc minimum
All Powers 16 & over 125cc minimum

For correct number & background colour refer to the Manual of Motorcyle Sport

PMCC Riding Numbers

Where ever possible PMCC will allow preferred riding numbers requested by the rider. However if there is a clash in numbers for the one event the order of preference is as follows:

  1. Registered numbers (registration card must be produced)
  2. First rider requesting that number for the season

Any rider after these preferences in order will be asked to change their number.

Note: It is the riders responsibility to ensure their number is clearly readable for the lapscorers.

Entry Costs

  • Seniors – $40 entry, $10 each extra class
  • Juniors – $30 entry, $5 each extra class
  • Nippers – $15 entry, no extra class


Each class will be riding 3 rounds however we will be running 4 flag sessions. This will allow seniors to flag and not miss a round. If however you are a senior and intending to race more than 1 class, it is recommended you bring or arrange a flaggie to take over from you in your flag session to ensure you get to race in your event.

It is the aim of the club to ensure all riders get to ride all events with all the flag points being manned. Flagging allocation will be done at the sign on tables instead of at scrutineering, this will be the first point at sign on.  Please assist us with this process and we can then all be satisfied all flag points are covered and everyone is assisting in the running of every event.

Please be aware that PMCC runs all events in the same format. Every rider must sign on between 7am and 8:30am, attend the riders brief and provide a flaggie (juniors) or flag for themselves (seniors).

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