2023 Membership Fees

Fees have been set for the new year with only marginal increases due to rises in insurance and MNSW Affiliation costs. Our committee remains committed to keeping memberships as low as possible for our members.
  • Family – $60 
  • Junior  – $30 
  • Senior – $45
  • Non-rider $15
The PMCC remains one of the most competitive Club’s with pricing in NSW.

New Member Guide

The usual course for people who are new to motorcycle sport in Bathurst is:

  • Join the Panorama Motorcycle club on Ridernet.
  • Learn more about the getting into the sport visit the Motocycling NSW website. 
  • Make sure your machine will pass scrutineering and you have ALL the protective clothing, (riders often overlook important knee and elbow protection, as it is not usually visible) and ensure you have the required paperwork with you.

Members, their family’s and friends are encouraged to participate in meetings and events.

Our club has an active volunteer base and training to become an accredited race official is conducted regularly. 

For Bathurst area people, the Panorama Motor Cycle club will usually be “your” club, even though you may join others around the region. By contributing to the running of your club you can learn more about the sport, help keep the PMCC standards high and make new friends at the same time.

Many well known riders have been and are PMCC members and active volunteers. You will have the opportunity to meet some of these people and many others by attending club events like monthly general meetings, track preparation days and end of year presentation/Christmas party/BBQ.

 Interested? Need more info contact us

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