Fees have remained the same for many years and have been set by the PMCC Committee at:
  • Family – $40 per calendar year
  • Single  – $25 per calendar year
The PMCC remains one of the most competitive Club’s with pricing in this Region & we hope all members, old & new, will continue to support the Club.

New Member Guide

The usual course for people who are new to motorcycle sport in Bathurst is:

  • Join the Panorama Motorcycle club with the Application/Renewal form.
  • Learn more about the sport with the “Starting Out In Motorcycle Sport” booklet.
  • Complete the theory test on the MNSW insert to the starting out booklet and send to the secretary to be marked. Where juniors are involved the test is as much (or more) for the guardian(s) as it is for the rider.
  • If required, (if not RTA motorcycle licensed) arrange a practical riding test, the MNSW insert to the starting out booklet is used here as well. The club contact list will show who to contact to arrange a test.

At this point a one day licence can be purchased to ride at a club level event to try the sport. (The theory and practical test results are required for one day licence purchase)

  • Fill in and send away the MNSW license application once all relevant paperwork is obtained. Keep a copy of completed theory and/or practical tests so a “One Day” license can be purchased if required before your photo id license arrives.
  • The license should come by mail in around two or three weeks after posting to MNSW. You will also receive a “Manual of Motorcycle Sport”.
  • Make sure your machine will pass scrutineering and you have ALL the protective clothing. Riders often overlook important knee and elbow protection, as it is not usually visible. Ensure you have the required paperwork, a valid license or theory and practical tests so you can purchase a one day license You may also need to produce your club membership card.

Members, their family’s and friends are encouraged to participate in meetings and events. Volunteers (mainly parents) run the PMCC and many are required for each race day, it takes more that just riders to have a race day. Riding and non riding members can participate in many ways. Each race day club volunteers do sign on, scrutineering, marshaling, race starting, flagging, lap scoring, etc.

Training to be a race official is conducted periodically. Participation books are available to record tasks that count towards increasing official “levels”.

For Bathurst area people, the Panorama Motor Cycle club will usually be “your” club, even though you may join others around the region. By contributing to the running of your club you can learn more about the sport, help keep the PMCC standards high and make new friends at the same time.

Many well known riders have been and are PMCC members and active volunteers. You will have the opportunity to meet some of these people and many others by attending club events like monthly general meetings, track preparation days and end of year presentation/Christmas party/BBQ.

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